Expelled: Tried To Require Deputy Grand Master To Take Grand Master’s Oath According To Arkansas By-Laws

A group of brethren charged the acting-Grand Master of Arkansas, George Franks, Jr., with breaking numerous by-laws for refusing to be installed as Grand Master after the death of his predecessor.  He thought he could effectively serve two years as Grand Master instead of the limit of one.  The acting-Grand Master also was, by his own admission, fired for sexual harassment from his job as a top police commander in the state.  His actions, both in the fraternity and in public, were in stark contrast with Masonic ideals and philosophy; those actions also broke Masonic by-laws in the state.  The majority of the state’s living Past Grand Masters agreed that corrective action was necessary, and an executive council was scheduled to discuss the matter.  But, the acting-Grand Master thwarted the effort by expelling and suspending numerous brothers and threatening others, thereby solidifying his reign of terror over “regular” Arkansas Masonry.

It’s noteworthy that every one of the living Past Grand Masters who served between the years of 1962 and 1989, and all but one of those who served between the years of 1962 and 1996, with the exception of the two who were serving as Grand Secretary (James Weatherall) and Grand Treasurer , signed the document to investigate and decide how to handle the abuses of the Grand Master Franks.  This document is provided with the attached documents below.

Below are notes of a Brother who ultimately was expelled for doing the RIGHT thing.  Following these notes, attachments are included.

Series of events Grand Lodge Arkansas:

At the February Grand Lodge’s Grand Session:  questionable voting by hand count, no coffee at Scottish Rite, and no lunch available.

Less than ONE week after Grand Session, elected Grand Master dies

Deputy Grand Master will not take Grand Masters obligation:

  • See sect 2100 H pg 25 ( cannot delegate to another dispensing)
  • Art II set sect 4 pg 10 (shall Succeed)

March 29,2004 DGM issues letter to Lodges , that the vote on per capita will be dismissed and a new vote will take place at the next grand Lodge session.( No by-law authorizing this action)

Paul Bush PGM receives call from DGM with the threat of un-masonic conduct if he “doesn’t keep his mouth shut”. This was due to Bro Bush expressing his view that the DGM must take the obligation of GM to be within the by-laws of Arkansas.

May 27 ,20040.D. Burtcher sends e-mail to other Masons, stating the above, and talk of: resolutions on voting, masonic law, why many masons questioned the DGM not taking the obligation and possible other nominations at the next session. He included his views on the subjects.

June 1, 2004Bro. Burtcher receives phone call from DGM with threat of a masonic trial for un-masonic conduct because of the e-mail, plus the requirement that Bro. Burtcher must retake the Master Masons obligation the next meeting of his lodge.

June 3,2004 DDGM asked a Past-Master of Adoniram Lodge to re-obligate Bro. Burtcher, but the Brother refused, and then GSW Lloyd was asked to do the re-obligation.

June 3, 2004 at Adoniram Lodge # 288 Dan Lloyd, GSW, proceeds to administer the punishment and humiliation to Bro Burtcher by re-obligating him in the MM degree. At which time” ALL” members of his lodge came to the aid ofthe Brother, at the alter, and repeated with the brother the MM obligation.

June 1,2004 Bro. James Paul Vincent was summoned to Grand Lodge.

June 9,2004, when Bro Vincent arrived at The Grand Lodge he was accused of un-masonic conduct, at which time Bro. Vincent, a 33 degree Mason .said” he had all of this he wanted “and took self-expulsion.

June 19,2004 Monticello Dist. Meeting-DGM is asked by Bill Jones, why he did not take the GM oath, and was accused of “baiting the DGM”. DGM states “he does not have to follow the by-laws.” Also, states he was discharged from the state police for “sexual harassment” but someone was out to get him. At the same meeting Bill Jones was handed a Masonic Summons to appear for “Bad Mouthing the DGM” Time set, but Jones health prevented that meeting, was told he would report to next meeting to be held June 30 at Pine Bluff “or be expelled” Jones told by DGM that when he took the MM obligation he no longer had “free speech” and need to keep his mouth shut.

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