Turmoil strikes Freemasonry in Arizona

In June 2011 at the annual communication of Grand Lodge Brother D. Brook Cunningham was elected to the office of Grand Master of Masons inArizona.

Brother Michael Meier was elected to the office of Deputy Grand Master.

In July of 2011 Most Worshipful Brother Grand Master D. Brook Cunningham revoked the Charter of Daylight Lodge No. 73 suspending all the members.  Approximately a month or so later he restored the Charter to the lodge after the election of new Officers and restoring all members.  This act of restoring the lodge to “legitimacy” simply by Fiat was not accomplished in accordance with the Arizona Masonic Constitution (AMC).  There was much concern expressed over this action by several members of many of the constituent lodges, however no actions were taken at the time.

On December 26th 2011 MWB D. Brook Cunningham sent a letter to all constituent lodges announcing that he had relieved the duly elected Deputy Grand Master Brother Michael Meier from all duties and responsibilities.  The reasons given for this action being that it was the result of failing to follow directives of the Grand Master, failing to respond to the Grand Masters correspondence and speaking for the Grand Master without his consent.

This action caused great concern to arise among the brethren of the constituent lodges especially among those who are knowledgeable of the provisions set forth in the AMC regarding the powers granted to the Grand Master.  Many of these members, after careful study of the AMC concluded that the Grand Master had acted without legal authority under the AMC to relieve an elected Officer of all duties and responsibilities.

There were many objections from members to this action by the Grand Master.

In response to these objections MWB D. Brook Cunningham sent a letter to all constituent lodges on January 2nd, 2012 explaining in detail why he had relieved the Deputy Grand Master of all duties and responsibilities.

In his January 2nd letter he violated his 3rd degree obligation to keep inviolate the secrets of a Master Mason by revealing of actions and conversations of a confidential meeting.    He also falsely reported that Brother Meier had been suspended by a previous Grand Master.  The Grand Master violated the AMC, by granting the title of Deputy Grand Master Pro-Tempore to one Man and delegating the duties and responsibilities of the same office to another.  This action effectively removed a duly elected Grand Officer who had been duly elected by the membership for all intents and purposes.

The January 2nd letter also accused Bro. Meier of disrespect and failure to follow his directives.  One directive he failed to follow was to wear a polo shirt and tartan tie to the opening of anEducationAcademy.  Another was his attitude of disrespect regarding the revoking of the Hiram Daylight Lodge No. 73 Charter and finally a scheduling conflict for a Long Range Planning Committee Meeting.

One Past Grand Master in a letter described the above actions by MWB D. Brook Cunningham as reprehensible, beyond the scope of his authority, petty, vindictive, child-ish and beneath the dignity of a Grand Master in addition to returning the Charter to Hiram Daylight Lodge.

Several members from lodges in Arizona were upset with these actions by the Grand Master equating them with Dictatorship by totally ignoring the powers granted to him in the AMC thus re-writing and creating a new Constitution whereby all actions are legal unless negated by a vote of the members at the annual June meeting of the Grand Lodge.

A petition was crafted and sent to all Lodges on February 1st, 2012 requesting that they vote on a request for a trial of the Grand Master, vote on a request for a special session of the Grand Lodge, vote for either one or vote to do nothing.

The AMC requires that 30 % of the lodges vote on the issue in order for a trial, special session or both to occur.

The Grand Master, at a meeting of his District Deputy Grand Masters, asked them to request of the Masters of the lodges in their District to not read the any of the petitions.

Therefore at this time the Jury (constituent lodges) is still out on these issues.  The results will be known at the end of February.


Please review the following six attachments:

RESOLUTION RE Charges Against Grand Master

GM’s firing of Michael Meier

Cover Letter-Resolution & Charges Against Grand Master

Cover Letter To All Masons RE Resolution & Charges

Charges Against Grand Master

An Alternative to Regicide by G. Lankin


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