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Speaking out: Consortium of Concerned Brethren

The following letter has circulated throughout the jurisdiction of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim.  It sounds of familiar abuses similar to those in the Southern jurisdictions in the United States.  The rampant disregard for the Masonic institution is discouraging.

Consortium of Concerned Brethren 2011

a.. In December 2009 GL concluded disciplinary hearings concerning allegations of unmasonic conduct levied against seven brethren from within the Province of Antrim. Three of who were subjected to four ‘kangaroo courts’ in their absence conspired by Senior Provincial Officers in collaboration with Senior Officers of Grand Lodge. The remaining four being Senior Provincial Officers facing charges of fraudulent behaviour, the misuse of their powers for the purpose of concealment, by covert manipulation and orchestration.
a.. In January 2010 the PGM of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim announced that W. Bro. R. Wilson, W. Bro. B. Hood and W. Bro. S. Hood had been found guilty of unmasonic conduct and were consequently suspended from the Order. (No explanation of what these brethren were charged with, nor found guilty of)
a.. The PGM announced that Rt. W. Bro. J. Frazer, Assistant Provincial Grand Master had been exonerated of all charges and allegations. (No explanation of charges etc)
a.. Immediately following the announcements concerning four brethren, the PGM confirmed he had received instructions from the Grand Master to instigate a moratorium of no discussion at all Masonic forums, in relation to the ‘Antrim Dispute’. What didn’t happen next was remarkable.
a.. The ‘PGM failed’ to announce that he, himself, Rt. W. Bro. John Dickson along with the Past PGM Rt. W. Bro. John Dunlop and an Assistant Provincial Grand Master Rt. W. Bro. Jack Dunlop had also been found ‘guilty’ of unmasonic conduct. (GL have never confirmed this in writing on any official documentation other than to those brethren who instigated the charges against the senior officers)

As we enter 2011 and reflect upon the past years Masonic business it is distressing to note that through the instigation (January 2010) of a GL moratorium, perceived to be for the convenience of PGL Officers, refusal of discussion on a variety of matters continues to be the order of the day. It would be interesting to evaluate how universal Masonry would judge the workings of Irish Masonry, if we openly declared against free speech, freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression and showed favour of domination by those who transgress Masonic Jurisprudence. Might our fellow brethren throughout Europe and further afield express their envy to be governed by such agreeable oppression in the understanding that the mention of openness and transparency is nothing but a red-herring. These are precisely the circumstances which have been laboured upon Irish Masons by the authority of Irish Masonry within the past twelve months. If the propositions as listed above are to be unquestionably accepted by today’s freemasons how are we expected to sustain the respectability of our Order. Are we to be encouraged to falsify our Masonic philosophy and values for the benefit of turning a blind eye that grossly defies our standards and morals?

The CCB have concluded an in depth report of the Antrim Issues and will circulate in advance of the next Stated Communication.